Sabai Sabai

I haven’t really explored Thai cuisine so much in my city, however after visiting Sabai Sabai with my close friend, I was very glad that I did. I’m hoping to make a visit to this restaurant again because it was just that delicious! Sabai Sabai took us straight to Thailand for some of the greatest eats I’ve received in Toronto.

I could already tell that this place was going to be hit – the place was hustling and bustling with a great crowd of people; we were there when the sun was still out up until it disappeared in the sky. So make sure that you make a reservation! It was gathering a great diversity of people – I had even ran into my high school best friend’s boyfriend at the restaurant that night. It was the first time in the two years they’ve been dating that I have met him, and what a coincidence it was! While my company and I were waiting for our table, I had the chance to engage in some banter with him, and then we were served to a table shortly after. Talk about a small world!


Going back onto topic here – the restaurant! The staff were extremely friendly despite the hectic atmosphere of customers waiting with eager stomachs. We were given a unique glass bottle of water, which was served chilled in a whiskey bottle. I always enjoy getting water served in glass bottles because it gives off a more classy ambiance. To have it in a whiskey bottle also added to the character and sass of Sabai Sabai!

We got the waiter to take our order, and we were set to begin our meals. My friend and I got to catch up and chat for a decent time before our meals were set in front of our eager eyes and waiting tummies!

Street Style Tossed Noodles


My order was the Street Style Tossed Noodle, which was rice noodles, chicken, peanut, tamarind sauce, and bean sprouts. I must say, I was amazed by the sweetness of the sauces, the blends of the tangy-ness of the tamarind and the savoury level of this stir fried dish! It was presented beautifully with a green garnish, and there were limes on the side to balance the sweet and salty flavor as needed be. It was honestly such a great meal – I’m craving for some as I write!

Khao Soi (Beef)


On the other side of the table, my friend had gotten herself the Khao Soi with beef. It was a golden curry,  with egg noodles, crispy noodles, and coconut milk. I took a small taste of her curry and it was absolutely mouth-watering. The crispy noodle added a nice flair to the dish, and the curry was garnished very professionally as well. I really enjoyed what I saw, as well as the sample sample I tasted. From her account, her curry was a delight to have eaten.

Overall, Sabai Sabai truly opened the doors for me to visit more Thai places around the city, and I’m looking forward to documenting such adventures here on Foodie Utopia!

For more information on Sabai Sabai Kitchen and Bar, take a look at their polished website:

Plating – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Ambiance – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Taste – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Service – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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