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Food Trucks on UofT Campus

When you’re out and about on UofT St. George’s campus; you’re pressed for time and you’re stressing for finals, midterms, projects, or whatever else is going on in a student’s life. Where is the time for a sit-in restaurant on these stressful periods of time?! That’s why in the food world, we have the luxury and convenience of food trucks on campus! For cheap prices, we can receive filling food (in bulk!) and have full tummies to study for those hard exams! For two years thus far on campus, I had some time to explore the food trucks offered on campus, and in this post, I’m going to share with you the foods that I have ordered from 4 different trucks:

1) The Brown Food Truck, a.k.a; “The Poutine Truck”

This truck is a favourite of mine solely due to their cheap, cheap prices, large portions of great fries, and convenience (it is located right in front of Sidney Smith where most of my arts and science courses take place). Here are some of the selections I’ve made at the brown food truck on campus;

The Supreme Fries – consists of freshly cut French fries, lettuce, tomato, ground beef and ranch sauce.
The Fish and chips Combo – consists of deep fried fish and chips with lemon and tartar sauce, French fries and drink of your choice.
A classic burger and fries combo at the brown food truck.

2) The Red Chinese Truck, a.k.a “WokkinOnWheels” Truck

This truck offers some quick Chinese food in bulk (one of the large white containers) for prices ranging from 7-9 dollars (talk about cheap!) Usually whenever I order from the trucks I order Flat Noodles with Black Bean Sauce, Broccoli and Beef.

3) The Green Truck, a.k.a “Ali’s Wraps”

This is a great truck, solely because it sells a variety of shawarma wraps of all kinds. You have falafel wraps, beef shawarma wraps, chicken sharwarma wraps, all in one truck! This truck also allows payment with credit card (although I don’t use that option). Beware however – this truck can sometimes be found off campus on University Avenue, and they increase the prices on their items there. Just buy from them on campus, you can find them in front of Robarts library majority of the time and you’ll be good! I always order the Chicken Shawarma with everything except for hot sauce (if you’re a spicy fan, feel free to add it!) and when I feel like spoiling myself I’ll get a combo which comes with their special seasoned fries and a choice of pop.

4) The White Chinese Truck

I actually forgot the actual name of this truck, however this is a white truck which is right beside the famous brown truck by Sidney Smith. They serve Chinese cuisine at cheap prices as well, and it is a huge hit with many of the international and Canadian students. I love ordering from their 5 minute menu because of the quick timing on delivery and the yummy taste we gain from it! My most frequent order would be the Pork Chops with Sautéed Onion, Broccoli, and Green Beans on Rice which is a filling and absolutely tasty option for lunch.

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  1. Alice says:

    You’re the best! I’ve always been curious of all of the food trucks on the strip in uoft. This is so awesome. The red Chinese truck was always my favourite when I was close by!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Samantha Nguyen says:

      Thank you so much for the love and support 🙂 Hope you enjoy my future posts as well – cheers!


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