L’Espresso Bar Mercurio

Cute and Artsy for Foodie Lovers

My best friend texted me yesterday and asked if I wanted to come try out this new place, and how could I say no?! Today, on a rainy day after class, I met up with her and we made an excursion to L’Espresso Bar Mercurio, located just outside the peripheral of the University of Toronto on the Bloor Street West and St. George intersection. 

You can see from the video that it was quite packed, but regardless of the number of people the waiter came and greeted us kindly, explained how we can order our food and drinks at the open-bar service, and take our seats at their well-polished tables.

The atmosphere was very lively and bright, despite it being cloudy and rain outside. Perhaps it was because the cafe was warm and the service was very polite and kind. My best friend and I made our orders and took our first selection to our table:

Two Lattes for the Two Ladies!

We brought these lovely Flavored Lattes to our table – my friend ordered herself the Hazelnut Flavor, while I ordered the Caramel Flavored Latte. On both accounts, we were very satisfied with the presentation, as well as the taste!

Soon enough our food order came to the table along with friendly smiles from the staff. My friend ordered herself the Signature Chicken Cutlet Panino, which was chicken breast alla parmeeggina with mozzarella and tomato basil on top of artisan ciabetta (talk about fancy!) I went with a side order of Large Super Homecut Fries, which was fried, salted and displayed with perfection. 

Yum yum!

Overall, L’Espresso was a place that my friend and I have always passed on campus, but never got the chance visit until now – it was definitely a worth while visit. Not only was everything smoothly and splendidly prepared; students in the Toronto area also receive a 20% discount with a valid student ID! Benefits upon benefits for students especially. I truly recommend this place if you appreciate beautiful displays, elegant food, and good company.

Oh hey, fellow Foodie 😉

For more information on Mercurio, take a visit to their website! http://www.lespressobarmercurio.com/


Plating – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Ambiance – ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Taste – ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Service – ♡ ♡ ♡  

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