Real Sports Bar

Food From the Sports Bar

It was a evening out with my cousins and brother; and what to do but try something out of our comfort zones? Instead of a formal sit in restaurant with fine foods we settled on some sports food (and since the night we went was the night the Raptors were playing!) In the spirit of this and my cousin’s 25th birthday, we settled for Real Sports Bar which is located by the ACC in the heart of Toronto. We got our fill of some awesome food and great fun!

On the menu that night…


To begin, a nice opening into the night with some NACHOS! Seasoned delightfully, my cousins, brother and I had our fill of cripsy nachos with avocado dip on the side. I think that the texture of the avocado really made this dish as I enjoyed the crispiness of the nacho with the soft and fleshy feel of the avocado. This added a delicious taste which made me want to eat more and more!

Burgers, Steaks, Chicken Wings and Sides!

Who can enter a sports bar without enjoying some of the classics?! For me, I ordered a nice sirloin burger with fries on the side, which was a beautiful classic taste; It was seasoned and prepared nicely, with a nicely fried onion ring smack dab in the middle of the burger itself. Spectacular eat! My cousins ordered some chicken wings (you can vaguely see in the photo) and my brother order a steak for himself. All in all, eating at the sports bar had some interesting Western tastes, along with an ambiance that carried excitement for all guests there!

All smiles for food, yayyyyyyyyyy!

For more information visit their website –


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